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The Accident.png

The Accident  

    When Alan Ferguson, the NCA's number one Subject of Interest, has his prized Aston Martin Volante stolen; he embarks on a vendetta of violent retribution and cruelty to retrieve both his car and status.

    A psychopathic monster, who will stop at nothing to retain his standing at the top table of the British underworld; he kidnaps Atikah, the young daughter of Hashim bin Saif: the innocent Emirati buyer of the vehicle.

    Rufus Stone and his team at 22Red are called in to help, and meet their match in Ferguson's trusted Lieutenant and ex South African detective, Johannes; who is as extremely adept, surveillance conscious and determined as they are.

    Running parallel to the race to rescue Atikah, both sides know they have a mole and endeavour to identify the informant before its too late.

    This fast paced and gripping read takes place on the Sandbanks Peninsula (Dorset's millionaires' playground), The United Arab Emirates and East London.



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