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In the escalating world of kidnap, ‘the victim’ is not the person or persons who have been kidnapped – ‘the victim’ is the person who is targeted to provide the ransom.


A former lead trainer at the UK National Negotiator Kidnap Course, Graham Rabone is a veteran of approximately 400 crisis negotiation incidents both in the UK and internationally. 

Whilst deployed in Tanzania, he formulated a way to share his knowledge and best practise without compromising his ethics and integrity.


    "WARNING :   The Victim could make you late for work and tired in the mornings from sitting bolt up right 'needing' to read "just one more chapter". I had a clear image of each character, totally fancying Rufus Stone and wanting to be Orla ! I now feel as though I have inside knowledge of being a negotiator, which I found fascinating. A novel based on true behaviour makes for a gripping read because at no point do you think 'well that wouldn't happen in real life' I cant wait to read who the 22RED team rescue next and how they do it."

    RB - Hampshire Already a 22Red fan

This is the first in a series of novels and introduces us to the 22Red team of Rufus Stone and Don Orla Ward – The Hostage Negotiators. (click on the company and individual names for biographies)

Check back soon for updates on the next book in the series

‘The Accident’


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