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Graham is a specialist hostage negotiator with international experience.  As a senior officer in a UK police force, Graham augmented his police experience with international experience in a corporate security management role covering Europe, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, within the FMCG sector.  Graham is a former member of the Directing Staff of the National Negotiator’s and National ‘Red Centre’ courses and a member of the National Negotiating Group.  He has trained law enforcement officers in the UK, USA and the Middle East.  Graham holds a Certified Protection Professional qualification and is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

With many years of experience tackling communication challenges in the most demanding arenas; Graham is an expert in influential listening skills – he takes these skills into the business world to enable executives and clients from all walks of life to enhance their interpersonal skills through active listening and negotiation.

Example Areas of Expertise:

  1. Effective Communication

  2. Crisis Management

  3. Personal Security


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Graham is also an associate of espinhanson


“I have known and worked with Graham for more than ten years, during his police career and his second career operating in a global corporate environment.  I have always found Graham to be of the utmost integrity and completely reliable.  He has an exceptional record in the field of hostage negotiation and the investigation of ‘Crimes in action’.  A very experienced and calming influence in a crisis, Graham is certainly one to have leading, advising or part of your team.”         

Nigel Espin, Managing Director, Espin Hanson Ltd


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