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The Victim 

The Victim is the story of a family and their negotiator.  In a kidnapping, nothing is what it seems: the hostage lies to the kidnappers, the kidnappers lie to everybody, even each other, governments and law enforcement lock down and create their own web of deceit; and at the centre of this maelstrom of activity is the “victim”, supported by the negotiators.  This novel explores the relationship between the negotiator, his team and the victim, whilst trying to secure the safe release of the hostages.  It takes place predominantly in Tanzania where corruption is rife, and crosses private companies, government agencies and terrorist groups.


I  guess you have dropped onto here for one of three reasons:


To find out some more information about my new novel

You are looking for a speaker for your next event   or

You are looking for professional assistance and guidance


It may well be all three! Whichever it is, thank you for visiting, please take a look through the pages –

and I look forward to hearing from you.

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